About Heejung Kim

Heejung Kim is a graduate of Cornell University of New York, where she studied hospitality management. She has worked in foodservice over the years and then started her serious journey into photography after experiencing partial hearing loss. Her photography journey started at Seoul Arts Center Academy in 2007. She has enjoyed capturing and recording the moments of daily life and is fond of the colors and forms. She lives and works in South Korea.

Solo and Group Exhibition

  • 2018 Head On Landscape Prize Exhibition, Parliament NSW (Australia)

  • 2018 Rediscovery of Korean beauty, The Museum of Photography, Seoul (South Korea)

  • 2011 Kitchen is Alive, The College of Human Ecology at Seoul National University (South Korea)

  • 2009 Discovery of the Future, Gallery Boda (South Korea)


  • 2012 숨 (Breathe), South Korea

  • 2011 섬 (Island), South Korea


  • Finalist for Head On Photo Awards 2018

  • Nominee of Fine Art Photography Awards 2018 (in the category of cityscape and nature)